Every speaking is public speaking. 7 key points to a deliver a perfect presentation.

Every speaking is public speaking. 7 key points to a deliver a perfect presentation.

Have you ever wondered how come some people are so influential in the way they communicate their thoughts, carry their persona and manage to converse with anyone, anytime, anywhere? What is that some individuals do that makes them charismatic conversationalists?

Personally I have had this burning question in mind for many years. And it is this question that started my internal fire towards becoming a better communicator which ultimately had me reaching to my life purpose. Today I walk proud knowing I’ve become a public speaker and speech coach. My close circle of friends insist in calling me ‘’an emotional cheerleader’’.

I take pride to have championed myself from being a confident and stubborn introvert to a energetic, excited and electric speaker. The journey had its twists and turns but which story doesn’t?

I’m happy to count more than 80 high end events and presentations of a series of world class brands such as HSBC, Audi, Emirates Airlines, HP, Nissan as my client base.

1. My recipe for impactful speaking.

If someone were to ask me for my own recipe on preparing a speech or presentation I would compare the process with the one of baking a delicious cake. Hence I’d recommend they have about 500g of courage, another equal amount of passion, 300g of self worth sprinkled with clarity and desire about the subject they want to tackle. Yet the element that would gel all the mentioned ingredients would be their competence. Ultimately, the famous confidence that most of my clients aspire to obtain is nothing but a byproduct of competence. So roll up your sleeves and let’s ‘’cook’’ together.

2. Who is your audience?

Personalizing your message according to your audience is key to the success of any presentation or public speaking appearance. Most of my clients complain that some of the subjects they’ve to present are dull and it’s challenging finding creative ways of delivery. To which I reply: nothing is boring only the presenter is. Knowing your audience, its needs, desires, cultural and political background allows you to creatively connect your message with their hearts.

3. Your ‘’why’’

So why is that you want to step on stage and speak up? What is so important about your message, your persona or your organization that fuels you to deliver a public message? The answer to this question represents your medication to unnecessary spasmodic thoughts like: ‘’I am shy’’, ‘’I am terrified to mess up’’, ‘’I am sure I will make a mistake’’ or “I’m not experienced at public speaking’’. This self induced internal dialog represents our self sabotaging skill of setting ourselves for a disastrous presentation. Instead I recommend you focus on your ‘’why’’.

4. Speech structure

There are more structures for a presentation. The most common is distributing the speech in three main parts and allocate 5% for the opening (a statement that you repeat throughout the speech), 80% for the main body( opinion, facts and a single big story) and 15% for the conclusion( new examples, facts and summary).

In the beginning your sole purpose is to grab their attention and share the benefits of your speech, its content and its duration. The main body contains the substance or how speakers like to say ‘’ the meat’’- your stories and fact. The end is a recap of the benefits and wisdoms of what you have shared.

5. Say it like you mean it

After you would have had merged your ‘’why’’ with the rest of ingredients (facts, stories, metaphors and main mission) your only responsibility as speaker would be to make that click between your logical mind and the immeasurable power of your heart. Saying it like you mean it is always impactful and allows you to lead the members of the audience to action mode. In other words Maya Angelou’s quote will always apply to public speakers: ‘’They won’t remember what you said but they will remember how you have made them feel’’. Instilling purpose, power and persuasion in their spirit will make you a memorable speaker.

6. Enjoy the lime light moment

At the beginning of my presenting career my own coach told me every speaking is public speaking. As well she has advised to say yes to each and every offer might come my way. Today after I have hosted for world class brands I understand that having had stretched myself and walked one step further from my comfort zone has allowed me to grow into one of the most sought after MCs in the UAE.

Throughout my experience as an anchor I have learned to simply ride the wave of nerves as well as to enjoy the lime light of each occasion. The key factor in doing so is the hours or research and preparation.

7. Wrap your words in layers of love

On the premise that everyone is the messenger of a particular teaching, that each and every one of us is destined to fulfill a life purpose I invite you to be sincere and truthful when given the opportunity to stand and deliver. Your success will be determined by the rapport between your audience and your sincerity.

In conclusion I want to leave you with one message: If you were to discover the cure for cancer and organize a press conference to announce it do you think you would be afraid or make mistakes while delivering it? Allow me to answer this rhetorical answer! Of course not! You would want to share with the entire world that cancer has come to an end.

Similarly you want to identify the gift in your speech and wrap it in layers of love.

For more inspiration and information on public speaking visit: www.Andreea.TV

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