‘’Protein shake’’ to boost your self esteem.

‘’Protein shake’’ to boost your self esteem.

During my coaching sessions I’ve noticed some of my clients being very good, and I mean really skilled at giving me a long list of their draw backs, or at least of what they perceive as their weaknesses.

At the simple invite of bragging about their achievements they would mention one or two and then come back to mention something they are insecure about.

To which I am obliged to invite them to sip from my ”protein shake”.

I can prepare it for them in any flavor you can imagine. My specialty though is ‘’positive vanilla flavor’’. For that I need a 250mg scoop of passion, 300mg of personal resources, 200mg of your best skills, 150mg of your biggest achievementsand towards to end splash some bragging. Mix well and then drink up. It can be served best when fear and doubt creeps in!

And here is the most important part. You can have it for free, anytime, anywhere.

But let me give you a closer insight on the ingredients I’ve just mentioned.

1. Holly Passion

Tony Robbins uses the phrase ‘’where focus goes, energy flows’’. Now focus and determination springs from ‘’holly passion’’ which is linked to our unique set of skills and talents. Uncovering them and putting them to good use is our job. So roll your sleeves up and identify your passion.

2. Resources

Most spiritual people keep saying: Count your blessings. To which, as a spiritual fellow myself, I would add ‘’count your resources’’. And by that I mean your background, education, environment, network, career, finance, personal belongings: car, computer, cell phone. Making an inventory of everything that you have will give you an instant boost.

3. Best Skills

What is one thing that If someone were to wake you up in the middle of the night you will be able to do in a heartbeat? Think in terms of a doctor who can resuscitate a patient, an IT specialist who can protect you from hackers or a tailor that can fix the zipper before a model would walk the ramp.

Your best skills are the things you can do so well that you could save the day. By listing them you will be able to focus on actions that give you positive results.

4. Biggest achievements

It is really crucial that you pencil your biggest careers’ or personal achievements. A great way to strengthen your self esteem is to celebrate all of your past accomplishments. In doing so, you will be feeding your subconscious mind with positive affirmations. It is almost like planting seeds of positivity in the soil of your mind.

5. Splash some bragging

Picture that you have just mixed the ingredients above and realized a really nice shake. Yet it won’t be complete without a splash of bragging. Most of us don’t have the habit of patting ourselves on the shoulder or sharing our awesomeness with others. I say a little bragging won’t hurt anyone.

Drink up and chin up!

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