Andreea Zoia Presents the Oscars of Fragrances

Andreea Zoia Presents the Oscars of Fragrances

‘’Perfume is the most intense form of memory’’, said Guerlain. I have accepted my role as the Fragrance Foundation Arabia host with that wisdom at the back of my mind.

Our olfactory sense plays a pivotal role in our memory. A new born will know his mother’s smell forever, a lover will long for his partners’ perfume and a woman’s personality can be revealed by the fragrance she wears…Which brings me back to the Fragrance awards.

The Fragrance Foundation Arabia is an extension of the Fragrance Foundation which was established in 1949 in New York. Its main role is to celebrate and support the world’s best perfumes manufacturers.

Having been invited to award the best local and international fragrances for the Fragrance Foundation Arabia – on their 5th edition, has been a dream come true. Throughout the evening I was able to interact with perfume connoisseurs and brand owners and learn about the history of classic perfumes such as Yves Saint Laurent, Burberry or Hugo Boss.

Special thanks to Michael Cinco for designing my dress especially for this prestigious event.

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